We can make big land solar parks

Solar Parks Engineering

Our SolarParks Engineering services are tailored to streamline your project's journey from inception to completion, offered in two distinct yet equally critical phases: Pre-Tender and Post-Sales. This bifurcated approach ensures that both prospective and established solar projects receive targeted support that aligns with their specific stage of development, enhancing efficiency and optimizing outcomes.

1) Pre-Tender Phase:
Designed with contractors and solar companies in mind, our Pre-Tender services are pivotal for those in the early stages of project planning. This phase focuses on delivering precise Megawatt peak (MWp) assessments for your intended land use, coupled with detailed cost estimations. Our aim is to empower your decision-making with accurate, actionable insights, paving the way for a financially viable and technically sound solar installation. In addition to technical evaluations, we offer comprehensive financial calculations, providing a clear picture of your project's economic landscape.

2) Post-Sales Phase:
The Post-Sales phase caters to contractors and solar companies who have successfully navigated the tender process, either through system sales or tender wins, and are now poised for project realization. At this juncture, our expertise shifts towards Electric and Static Engineering services, essential for the meticulous completion of your solar project. Our commitment to detail and quality ensures a seamless transition from planning to operation, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee underscoring our dedication to your project's success.

Our approach is designed to support your solar projects with precision-engineered solutions, from the critical cost and capacity planning stages of the Pre-Tender phase to the technical execution and completion in the Post-Sales phase. Trust us to be your partner in navigating the complexities of solar project development, ensuring every phase is managed with the utmost professionalism and expertise.