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We are providing expert engineering and consultancy service for renewables investors, creditors and contractors.

As Lion Solar Solutions, founded in 2022, we are an engineering and consultancy agency-solar industry focused-help renewables professionals to sustain their business processes and to reach their targets as their trusted solution partner.


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PV*SOL Solar Design and Plan Software

PV*SOL Solar System Design and Plan Software is a comprehensive, end-to-end tool that helps you design and plan solar energy systems. It's designed specifically for engineers, contractors and installers of solar panels.

25 January 2023
Solar G98 and G99 Application Processes in UK

Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity. They come in many sizes, so they can be installed on rooftops or on the ground

24 January 2023
The Importance of Solar System Design in the Solar Industry

Solar Engineer Design is the process of designing a solar energy system

23 January 2023
Removal of the VAT from Solar Investments in Germany

In an effort to encourage solar energy use in Germany, the government has decided to remove VAT (Value Added Tax) from solar energy investments.

06 January 2023