PV*SOL Solar Design and Plan Software

25 January 20231 okuma

PV*SOL Solar System Design and Plan Software is a comprehensive, end-to-end tool that helps you design and plan solar energy systems. It's designed specifically for engineers, contractors and installers of solar panels.

The software includes an interactive 3D model which allows you to view your site from any angle and see the exact position of your solar panels in relation to your roof or ground. You can also choose between ‘sunlight’ (the angle at which sunlight hits the panel) or ‘shadow’ (the angle at which shade covers your roof), as well as many other options.

The software also has tools for calculating how much electricity you will produce from your system; how much money it will save you over time; how much CO2 emissions it will prevent; and how much energy storage capacity it will have.

You can even simulate different weather conditions by changing the temperature, wind speed or rain level. The software will tell you whether these conditions would affect the performance of your system in any way – so if there are any potential problems with wind speed or rain levels where you live, PV*SOL will highlight them for easy reference later on!

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PV*SOL Solar Design and Plan Software