About Us

Who we are?

Established in 2022, our agency specializes in engineering and consultancy for the solar industry, committed to empowering renewable energy professionals in enhancing their business processes and achieving their goals as a dependable solution partner.


  • Talha Erkaslan

    Business Development and Sales Head

  • Timuçin Atilla

    Senior Energy Engineer

  • Seher Güncü

    Senior Energy Engineer

  • Kader Uslu

    Senior Electrics and Electronics Engineer

  • Heval Arcan

    Assistant Electrics and Electronics Engineer

  • Cansu Eldemir

    Accounting and HR Responsible

  • Klaudia Maur

    Sales and Marketing Representative

  • Eylem Yavuz

    Business Development and Sales Assistant

Motivation and Vision

Motivation and Vision

In the ever-evolving solar industry, various key players – including investors, contractors, and creditors – are in constant need of expert guidance. This need is where Lion Solar Solutions positions itself as a pivotal resource.

For Investors: Understanding the importance of sustainable investment, Lion Solar Solutions offers comprehensive owner's engineering consulting. Our focus is to ensure that investments in solar energy are not only profitable but also sustainable and environmentally responsible.

For Creditors: The real value of solar investments and the unique risks associated with solar projects are areas where creditors often seek expertise. Lion Solar Solutions provides in-depth analysis and insights into the financial aspects of solar projects, aiding creditors in making informed decisions.

For Contractors: The need for contractors to operate their businesses profitably while maintaining high standards of expertise is more crucial than ever. Lion Solar Solutions supports contractors in achieving these goals through industry-leading practices and innovative approaches.

Lion Solar Solutions is dedicated to filling the knowledge and expertise gap in the solar industry. Our approach is technology-driven, quality-focused, and timely, ensuring that all parties involved in solar projects – now and in the future – have the support they need to succeed.